The Native American Book of Wisdom

The Native American Book of Wisdom The Circle of Life is an American Indian symbol for the Four Directions. The four colors represent the four stages of life, from childhood to old age; the cycle of seasons, from spring to winter; and the four races of people. Each of the Four Directions symbolizes a certain power. In this circle, East is knowledge, South is life, West is the power of change, and North is wisdom. The Native American Book of Wisdom examines the belief systems of several American Indian tribes and the power that these beliefs continue to hold for the People. From the Great Mystery: WakanTanka investigates the complex spirituality of the People from the concept of the Great Mystery, or WakanTanka, to the belief that all life is sacred and interrelated. Medicine Man is the story of a tribal healer who visits an elementary school. The children are amazed by what he tells them about the traditions and the power of the People.

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Created by Alexis Horn | 2016