The Great Change

great change

Honored Book at the 2004 Multi-Cultural Children’s Book Festival at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington D.C. where Gabriel Horn gave a special performative reading.

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“This is - regardless of your religious persuasion - one of the best books for helping children deal with and understand death and dying that has ever been written. It's about the death of a child's grandfather - his going through "the great change," and frames death in a way that is absolutely beautiful and meaningful. Highly recommended for everybody, particularly those with children who are trying to make sense of the death of their elders.”

“A gentle and sensitive story about mortality and the interconnectedness of generations and life forms….” – School Library Journal.

“Illustrated in lovely impressionistic watercolors rendered in soft colors in a spare yet evocative style, the narrative is not so much a story as a fictional setting for the Native American philosophy of care for the natural world and the continuity of life.”  Kirkus Review.

“This wistful text, based on a Native American tale, ponders the meaning of life and death--reaching the sensible if daunting conclusion that one is impossible without the other….” Publishers Weekly

Created by Alexis Horn | 2016