My Father's Blood


Darkness: the place where light best reveals itself." In the potent and poignant language of fine literature, this stunningly honest autobiographical novel grants candid views of chronic illness, blindness, and Native American racial identity, against the backdrop of a world often determined to demean, degrade, and disenfranchise. Though Amy Krout-Horn's inheritance brings illness, it also brings strong medicine, medicine remembered on a cellular level, derived from the profound wisdom of her Lakota ancestors. But can the ancient council fire's "spark" that ignited within a young girl's heart continue to guide the woman, even as the monster drags her into the  "darkest darkness"? Like the reverberations of a native drum, Amy Krout-Horn's visceral voice resounds, imparting the message that, sometimes, our bloodlines become our lifelines.

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"Amy Krout-Horn paints for her readers a world that is precise and vivid, and the portrait she paints expresses the remarkable beauty that can be extracted from painful experiences, if only we endure. " -Jen Knox, author of Musical Chairs and To Begin Again

 "To read My Father’s Blood is to journey to a land of rare poetic verse,  raw images, and beautiful recollections...a world few have had the opportunity to visit until now." -MariJo Moore, Cherokee Author of The Diamond Doorknob, When the Dead Dream and A Book of Spiritual Wisdom – For All Days.

Created by Alexis Horn | 2016