Dancing in Concrete Moccasins

DCM front cover

For Jack Bordeaux, a young Ojibwe college student, the old stories tell of the great frigid lake, -the one now known as Superior- that has swallowed many an Indian, paddling out to  find honor, redemption, or passion. Minneapolis has its way of swallowing up Indians, too, and Jack can’t help but wonder if he, like so many others, will get caught in the city’s darker undercurrents, and become the next tragic hero in a modern urban Indian legend.

Poverty. Abuse. Ignorance. Is a tribal scholarship the escape for Jack and his sister’s orphaned son? When another wave of Bordeaux family violence hits, a university professor, facing his own challenges, provides refuge for Jack and his nephew. Soon after, Jack meets Isaac TwoBears, a Lakota carpenter, and Desiree Stark, a sensual powwow dancer with a trickster’s dark secret, who competes with Isaac for Jack’s heart.

With a chance at love and a functional family life in reach, Jack must return to the broken home where it all began, for the answer that will save him from drowning and finally set him free. 

 “A bold, amazing piece of Literature
- Dean K. Hutchins, poet, novelist, activist, author of Up Yours, Kemosabe

“Exquisitely written… Readers will want to savor her vivid word images.”
- Barbara Schoenbeck Ph.D. Professor of Education

“...a beautifully written, compelling read which paints an honest portrait...unapologetically brings visibility to a world that is so frequently romanticized and misrepresented...a gem.”
- Holly Reese, Senior and Transgender Programs Manager at The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada

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Created by Alexis Horn | 2016