Contemplations of a Primal Mind


A celebrated Native American writer and teacher presents Native stories and wide-ranging reflections on nature, spirit, and human relations. Horn shares oral tradition narratives passed down through generations of his family; shows how he, his wife, and their children seek to keep Old Ways alive; and contemplates the importance of seeking balance rather than power.

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"Contemplations of a Primal Mind' by Gabriel Horn was a watershed for me, and complete revelation which I had long been looking for.

As a non-Native American I was looking for a way to understand Native  American culture, and particularly the situation Native Americans face living in modern US society.This book gave me all that, really showing the difficulties being faced to preserve the Native American culture when under the bombardment of modern materialism and 'cultural values'.

It is a brilliant book, coupling those issues in with some of the very enlightening and spiritual aspects of the Native American culture."

“… uncommon levels of honesty and an absolute respect for the unanswerable questions of life.” – Forum Magazine, the Florida Humanities Council

“… Horn wrestles away the brush that civilized man uses to paint his image of primal man.” – Indian Country Today Magazine

“No matter that there is an underlying angst … the flow of language is so smooth that the reader is immediately caught up in the words and the gradually evolving ideas.”  –  St. Petersburg Times.

Created by Alexis Horn | 2016